Mangoes are tropical right?

Silly question, I know. But anything tropical, including those gorgeous, juicy “made in Heaven” fruits seem so far removed from me right now. I’m in Cape Town literally freezing my titties off! Here for Rowen to do a one day course and whilst boredom and temperatures below 16 eat me alive I’ve decided it’s a […]

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Sarah’s Day at the Parlour

Every couple of years a yacht gets taken out of the water and has all her underwater growth shaved off, holes in keels patched and gets a pretty little makeover. Sarah’s keels are sacrificial so don’t affect the safety of the yacht if they break. Since arriving in Seychelles the growth on Sarah’s underbelly has […]

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Introducing “Brewski” our cute little mini van. Today I got to drive Brewski to the yard. What a bonus. She battles to start, jumps off to a start when pulling off and as long as she doesn’t stall going round one of the many circles I’ll be doing great. We still have to sort out […]

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Llama in My Living Room

Yep, not going mad or crazy but I gotta tell you, that song gets stuck in my head and then I get a jiggle in my hips. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Ok so I’m guilty of using a bit of click bait there to get you to read my story today. I don’t have a Llama in my […]

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Shopping in Victoria

Well this is a whole new experience. Taxis are just too expensive and fortunately most of the grocery stores we need to get to are all within walking distance. If the list is a long one you have to enlist the help of able bodied helpers! Those bags get real heavy when the list includes […]

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June 2018

The time had come. I’d been scared, a little tearful and nervous and somewhat excited for about 6 months waiting for this to happen. 6 months of confusion and loneliness mixed with awesome times with some of my very special people and new memories – that just sounds confusing. Anyway, it was time to let […]

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